Ume and Origami

Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2018

Press Release


Two new design awards

...for the Ume bathroom series and the Origami trivets bear witness of a 360-degree revitalisation of Zone Denmark.

A clear profile of the new Zone Denmark is emerging fast. The design company has just won two Red Dot Awards with the Ume and Origami product series – both of which were created together with the VE2 designer trio. The awards mark a revitalisation of the brand, which began in 2015 and now portrays a company with a sharp new focus.

“Our close dialogue with our designers concerning innovative product design and visual appeal has proved to be the right direction for us,” says Michael Bruun, Design & brand manager at Zone Denmark. “VE2’s insight and market savvy have enabled us to cement the brand’s credibility by creating award-winning designs, while at the same time maintaining a sound commercial strategy. That is an achievement in itself.”

The minimalistic Ume bathroom series and the Japanese Origami trivets manifest themselves in the slipstream of a number of forceful designs from the new Zone Denmark. In 2016/17 the brand received a German Design Award for the bath series Nova One, and the multifunctional bowl series Peili not only won a Red Dot Award, but also the award for the most innovative product at the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris. On top of that, Peili won one of two iF design awards in 2018 with the innovative Puck Hook taking the other.

“It is quite a milestone for us! We have consciously directed our new focus towards design and innovation and, of course, we are both pleased and proud when we receive these accolades. They also mean that other countries now have a keen eye for us,” recounts a proud and enthusiastic Michael Bruun.

This year’s winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award have been selected from 6,300 products from 59 countries. Red Dot has a keen eye both for form and functionality, qualities that Zone Denmark has made its mark with in its latest product launches. The team behind the many awards promises that shoppers can expect more new items of the same calibre.


The Ume bathroom series from Zone Denmark is a soft, gentle and pleasing acquaintance. The harmoniously proportioned elements express soundness and a fine balance – both for the eye and the hands. Ume is the Japanese word for a plum tree and is a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The first letter U simultaneously depicts the form of modern and classic products with thought for both design and functional details.


The Origami trivets from Zone Denmark are inspired by antique Japanese paper art that makes a deep impression with its 3D effects. The four different designs, Mix, Beak, Wave and Fold, play in a wondrous way with light and shade, enabling countless table setting variations.


The people behind V2 designer trio are Tilde Nygaard, Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen. The three designers have a background in architecture, specialising in  industrial design, and work in the energy field between form and space.