Anne Qvist has worked as a designer and design manager for some of Denmark’s most prestigious architecture firms. Today, she works under her own name in the Anne Qvist Design Office – among other things as one of the creative forces behind Zone Denmark’s bar and cocktail concept ROCKS, which reinvigorates the home bar with soft curves.
Anne’s products are fine examples of her own ideal – the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

“Of course, you must strive
for the good”

“I think a lot about the good,” Anne Qvist explains. The Danish designer has an impressive portfolio of designs – small-scale and large-scale – from several-metre-high street lamps to the small measuring cups she has designed for Zone Denmark’s ROCKS cocktail concept.

“It means that I think critically about durability and quality at many levels,” she explains, while ejecting totally that timelessness should be her ideal. “We do things in a certain way in the times we happen to be living in – I think that time is always going to be reflected in what I do. But, of course, we must always strive to create items that will continue to stand the test of time in five or ten years,” she says emphatically.

But that doesn’t necessarily make for simple design processes. “When I start working with a client, I like to begin by sketching a large universe full of different things.

I find it facilitates a different discourse about design. If you only present one product, it soon becomes a question of what you like or dislike. Fortunately, this is not the way I’ve worked with Zone Denmark.

By working with a universe, both parties have a chance to voice their ideas, and Zone can, for example, provide input based on their comprehensive knowledge of the market, so that together we arrive at the right solution,” says the designer in conclusion.


I love beautiful things

– but I’m no fan of ornamentation – neither in design nor architecture. Decorative elements which are just decorative without serving any purpose

This also goes for the ROCKS products that Anne has designed for Zone Denmark. The products are fine examples of the ‘less is more’ philosophy of the good. “I love beautiful things, but I’m no fan of ornamentation – neither in design nor architecture. Decorative elements which are just decorative, ithout serving any purpose.”