Anne Skyum Høgfeldt

A designer with aesthetics as the driving force and quality as the focal point. An "old-fashioned" designer who thinks things can be justified simply because they are beautiful.

My force is colors and textures processed in a simple and understated expression.

"I am passionate about the durable design - in both terms and materials. I am interested in starting with the classical and familiar to then process proportions and color combinations to a place right in between new and well-known."

"I've been working a lot with design but have finally ended at the textiles because it is important to take a look at the tactile in addition to color and patterns. Textiles are useful, and even if it is a bed linen or a tea towels, it is important they also speak to the sense of feeling and to sense the raw material. "

Among other things, therefore, I work with natural materials. They have honesty and are introduced to new qualities over time.