The Ume bathroom series is a soft, gentle and pleasant acquaintance. The VE2 designer trio is the force behind the superbly proportioned elements that create a solid and wonderfully balanced expression – for both the eye and hands. 

Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The series is inspired by U, the first letter of its name, giving it both a modern and classical personality with exquisite and functional details.

The soap dispenser, for example, has a long spout allowing for optimum pump function. The toilet brush is equipped with a practical inner container for easy disposal of any excess water. The brush has a handy length and slides easily into its place in the container.

The elegant pedal bin is the same height as the toilet brush and together, they make a fine pair on the bathroom floor. The separate and spacious four litres inside bucket is equipped with a smart finesse, letting you place the waste bag easily inside without it being visible.

Available in five colours: Black, Grey, White, Nude and the season’s deep red Maroon Red.