Through the gate, across the courtyard, round to the back of the building and up to the second floor. This is where you’ll find VE2 – a small, dedicated team of designers led by Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen.

“Our greatest ambition is to create a sense of unity. The design must have a clear functional justification and must blend in aesthetically with the users’ universe,” Morten Lauritzen explains. Everyone on the team has a background in architecture specialising in industrial design, so they come with a highly developed awareness of shape and space. And so out of the synergies between furniture and product design and professional interior spaces such as offices, shops and exhibition stands, new ideas grow and develop.

“It adds something to the process that we’re all used to stepping back and looking at the space or environment where our solutions need to work. We work with a wide range of projects both large and small. From utility designs to furniture for urban spaces. That’s why, for us, it’s all about context,” Hugo Dines Schmidt explains, and continues:

“We approach projects enthusiastically and in close dialogue with our customers and partners. As a team, we work towards a common goal and listen to one another’s

good ideas and constructive contributions.” Morten Lauritzen nods, adding: “Our ideas and solutions must relate to the space or the architecture. Stylistically, we make a virtue of seeking simplicity and paring back to the bone.”

Our highest ambition is to create a sense of unity. The design must be functionally justified and able to blend in aesthetically with the users’ universe.

The team spends a lot of time and energy making function and aesthetics add up to a greater whole. New designs should not be seen in isolation, but must be capable of interacting with other products and changing contexts. “Bathrooms, for example, tend to be full of products with very diverse functions. We’ve put together the Ume bathroom range as a distinct design universe – because design must have both a clear functional justification and be a natural part of the users’ universe,” Morten Lauritzen says.

In 2020, new needs emerged for a natural progression to add a sensor-activated dispenser to the range in the same appealing design. So now you can provide hand-sanitiser without compromising your home’s aesthetics.

The initial U of the name of the range ties in with the soft curves of the products, which are easy on the eye and easy to clean. “We’ve deliberately worked towards lower and broader proportions to achieve a harmonious effect,” Hugo says. Ume, incidentally, means ‘plum wood’ in Japanese and is a symbol of the elegance, courage and strength that is always reflected in the design of VE2.