Dry Art

Clean and dry

Dry Art is designer Lasse Sortkjær’s idea for keeping order next to the kitchen sink, while giving the area a sensory lift. In addition to a series of kitchen towels with beautiful graphic designs, Dry Art embraces a dish washing set with a soap dispenser, brush and dish tray.

Watertight design

Dry Art by designer Lasse Sortkjær is a space-saving washing up set and a smart tray on which glasses and plates can dry in an attractive and tidy way.

On behalf of Zone Denmark, designer Lasse Sortkjær has taken a closer look at the busy and sometimes chaotic area around the kitchen sink. The result is the Dry Art series that gathers things together in an orderly manner and literally hangs the washing up out to dry.

Dry Art includes a washing up set with a practical drip tray, an elegant liquid dispenser, and a washing up brush with a magnet that discreetly keeps the brush in a vertical position. The metal frame is the perfect place to dry for the dish cloth.

The innovative washing up tray with its characteristic and sculptural ribs is a conspicuous design element in its own right – rather like a futuristic row of plates.

Art day-to-day or for a celebration

The tea towels in the Dry Art series are from designer Lasse Sortkær. They are inspired by everyday patterns – from light passing though leaves to industrial wire fences – that transform into incisive and striking graphical designs. They are also really good at drying.

In spite of the name, Dry Art tea towels are made using wet print that penetrates into the material. This makes sure that the printed areas on the tea towel also dry properly. 

A mixture of uncoloured and coloured yarns of Indian cotton mean that the tea towels absorb better than 100% coloured yarn. The drying power is on a level with tea towels used by professional cooks. Washable at 60°C.

Meet the designer

Lasse Sortkjær enjoys creating with the pencil in his hand and to have an influence on the aesthetic process. He weighs the innovative, sharp line and tight shape - and always with a focus on the overall design.

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