For inner beauty

INU is now launching a fine ceramic carafe with a sipping cup – designed for cooling water or iced tea when enjoying a quiet break in the bath or sauna. The simple design is accentuated by the subtle contrast between the glossy and matte ceramics. The carafe can be carried with one hand as the cup can be used as a lid. This leaves one hand free for your soft towel or the matching bowl of snacks.


Like a fragrant whisper

Do you want to relax, liven things up or just make the most of this moment now? Then create the right ambience with the new INU fragrance candles in your bathroom, bedroom or holiday home – or in the living room before your visitors arrive.


INU Hand & Foot Spa

The new hand and foot spas from INU are exquisite modern interpretations of the classic wash bowl. The enamelled spas are designed with a softly curved edge that is comfortable to grip and nice to rest your ankles and wrists on. They are perfectly sized for hand and foot spas, and the slight indentation indicates how much water you need for your spa. Both spas feature lids that can be used as trays for foot salts, brushes, oils, nail polish or a cup of tea.

Natural beauties

The simple organic design and decorative light beech finish of the new INU mirrors in Zone Denmark’s Spa range exude contemporary luxury . The larger mirror is a delightful reimagining of the classic hand mirror, while the small mirror has a neat semicircular grip and is just the right size to carry in your handbag. For both mirrors, the glass is mounted in a frame, which adds a decorative touch even when the mirror is lying face down, while also protecting the glass from scratches.

An invitation to self-indulgence

The new INU brushes in Zone Denmark’s spa range have been created for those little moments of pleasure and presence in our busy routines. The range includes two bath brushes, a brush for footcare and, of course, a nail brush. They are made of light beech and natural hair, and their soft, organic design harmonises beautifully with the simple decor and soft shades of the bathroom.

Meet the designer behind INU!

The designer behind NEU Studio is Tilde Nygaard. She is a trained industrial designer, and as a co-founder and partner of VE2, she created a wide range of Zone Denmark’s award-winning designs. In her own design studio, she has contributed to the development of the INU spa series, which brings a completely new and sensual dimension to the Zone brand.

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