MOIST – water with style

A water bottle “to go” with a unique inside thread that makes it pleasant to drink from. Perfect for a bike ride, in the car or close at hand during the working day, or when exercising. Designed by Thomas Dudzinski and manufactured in robust BPA-free Tritan eco-plastic, Moist is a bottle with attractive clarity and high strength. Dishwasher-safe for maximum hygiene.



Water is good for you

Drink lots of water. It helps keep your body and brain at their best, increases concentration, keeps your skin supple, and helps your digestion.

Meet the designer behind Moist!

Thomas Dudzinski graduated from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark, specialising in design. He has won many international awards, for example for Nova One, and runs his own highly successful design office focusing on products, furniture and interior design.

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