Great, just grate

Peili is more than good looks. It is also a grater that you can use to prepare and serve freshly grated parmesan or crisp and crunchy lettuce. And why not use Peili with a “built-in” grater and serve carrots, beetroot, celery etc. as freshly grated crudités? Straight from the bowl.

Enticingly fresh The latest addition is a bowl with a ”built-in” grater for Parmesan cheese for a fresh topping immediately before serving.

The series also includes a bowl with a grater for carrots, beetroot, celery etc. for a delicious freshly grated raw vegetable salad ready to serve at the table. And if there is any left, simply put the lid on and place the bowl in the fridge.

Peili is also available with a drainer, for example for freshly rinsed berries to drip dry prior to serving in the bowl. The drainer can also be used for anything from fresh fiord shrimps to fresh steamed vegetables.

Meet the designers behind Peili!

Tilde Nygaard, Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen are the trio behind VE2 and the people behind the award-winning Peili series for Zone Denmark. Their solutions interact with other products and their ambition is to create simple, aesthetic and durable designs such as Peili – with a clear functional justification and an ideal dining atmosphere.

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