Placemats with a fantastic story

Placemats are practical, and some can tell a good story without saying a single word. Mette Sønderriis, a young textile designer, masters this discipline. She has designed three “stories” each on four different place mats.

Placemats are a decorative and practical part of laying a table and they can also tell a good story without saying a single word. A new talent within textile design, Mette Sønderriis is a compelling mistress of this discipline. Now, three of her visual and expressive stories have become a part of Zone Denmark’s range of popular, easy-to-clean placemats. The stories are vividly narrated without a single word, supported by subdued colours and graphical patterns – ready to place on the table, each as a chapter in its own right, or as a complete story.

Meet the designer behind Story placemats!

Mette is a young, ambitious and talented designer. She was among others Nominated for the Design Talent Award in 2015. Mette mainly works with printed textiles, where patterns and colors play a central role. She has been engaged in this specialization since the time of study in Glasgow.

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