SUII - Japanese trends for the bathroom 

SUII is Japanese for transition – a reference to a design detail in Zone Denmark’s new bathroom series. But also to the successful marriage between stringent Japanese minimalism and subtle Danish design.
Many of us prefer a simple bathroom style with a calm ambience combined with matching textiles and accessories – and that’s exactly what Zone Denmark’s new SUII bathroom range offers.
Truly a breath of fresh air.

The SUII range

The range includes a soap dispenser and toothbrush mug, available in both short, stubby and tall, slender versions, and a soap dish to keep your soap dry and hygienic. The SUII pedal bin has four-litre capacity, and the mechanism is concealed in the design.

SUII toilet brush

The mini-revolution of the range is the head of the SUII toilet brush – it’s made of silicone, which improves effectiveness and hygiene, and gives the brush a distinctive look. All the products also feature a non-slip silicone base.

Meet the designers behind SUII!

Tilde Nygaard, Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen are the trio behind VE2 and the people behind the SUII series. Their solutions interact with other products and their ambition is to create simple, aesthetic and durable designs such as Ume – with a clear functional justification

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