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SIX – no less!

Normally, just one Red Dot Award would spark cheers and champagne for a design brand. So Zone Denmark will really have to put on their thinking caps and come up with an appropriate way of celebrating six of these prestigious awards!

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Make room for pleasure

Make room for ROCKS – Zone Denmark’s new collection of beautiful crystal glasses and bold design items for the home bar. Women have taken over the shaker and are serving delicious cocktails and low-key drinks, accompanied by tapas and lounge music. They want good taste – in the glass and in their interior decorating – and ROCKS delivers both. Working with award-winning Danish designers, we’ve given items like the jigger, muddler and shaker a soft makeover, with right-on details. So ROCKS is good design that will blend into any minimalist interior – even among stylish home furnishing bloggers. It offers the tools to satisfy the most critical bartender. And a range of crystal glasses that will convince you there’s a world of difference when you serve a drink or cocktail in the right glass.

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Pamper your hands and feet

The new hand and foot spas from INU are exquisite modern interpretations of the classic wash bowl. The enamelled spas are designed with a softly curved edge that is comfortable to grip and nice to rest your ankles and wrists on. They are perfectly sized for hand and foot spas, and the slight indentation indicates how much water you need for your spa. Both spas feature lids that can be used as trays for foot salts, brushes, oils, nail polish or a cup of tea.

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Three’s a lovely crowd

Light up the dark season with beautiful, ultra-simple candleholders from the new SINGLES collection. The matte lacquered metal contrasts with the softly curved design for catching the melting wax. A little hole in the bottom makes it easy to push out the burnt-down candles.

The candleholders are available in Black, Warm Grey, Mud and Khaki and in three exquisite versions of varying height and width. Mix and match the colours and designs and see how subtle differences can produce a perfect harmony – e.g. on the matching SINGLES trays.

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Over the past year we have become used to washing our hands more and using hand sanitiser. We don’t really think about it anymore – so why not make a virtue out of necessity by beautifying these new habits.

The new touch-free dispenser from Zone Denmark can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitiser. The simple and attractive design is perfect for the kitchen, office, bathroom, meeting rooms, shops etc. as a friendly nudge to discreetly and tastefully remind us to protect each other by practising proper hand hygiene.

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