SIX – no less!

Normally, just one Red Dot Award would spark cheers and champagne for a design brand. So Zone Denmark will really have to put on their thinking caps and come up with an appropriate way of celebrating six of these prestigious awards!

Red Dot is the world’s largest product competition and one of the most sought-after quality stamps for good design. Every year, Red Dot’s panel awards a number of prizes for product design, brand and communication design and design concepts. The winners are selected from among companies that excel in superb design, quality and innovation.

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Luxury in everyday life

– designs for self-indulgence, inspired by the calmness, balance and simplicity of Danish nature and design tradition. Attractive interior design, soft textiles, inviting spa products and delightfully delicate scents for a well-deserved break from everyday life – a whispered invitation to pamper your senses, cultivate mindfulness and enjoy the moment.

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Make room for ROCKS

– Zone Denmark’s collection of beautiful crystal glasses and bold design items for the home bar. Women have taken over the shaker and are serving delicious cocktails and low-key drinks, accompanied by tapas and lounge music. They want good taste – in the glass and in their interior decorating – and ROCKS delivers both.

ROCKS is good design that will blend into any minimalist interior – even among stylish home furnishing bloggers. It offers the tools to satisfy the most critical bartender. And a range of crystal glasses that will convince you there’s a world of difference when you serve a drink or cocktail in the right glass.

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New touch-free dispenser

Over the past year we have become used to washing our hands more and using hand sanitiser. We don’t really think about it anymore – so why not make a virtue out of necessity by beautifying these new habits.

The new touch-free dispenser from Zone Denmark can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitiser. The simple and attractive design is perfect for the kitchen, office, bathroom, meeting rooms, shops etc. as a friendly nudge to discreetly and tastefully remind us to protect each other by practising proper hand hygiene.

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Ready for a design flirt?

Singles are design items with a fresh, new charm added by Danish designers! The result is cool design gadgets that keep their promises, but also have fascinating details and seductive new twists. A collection of flirtatious products in the design and home decorating category.

Go Clean is a neat, hygienic pocket-sized hand spray in Zone Denmark’s minimalist design. It’s easy to carry in your pocket or as a handbag essential along with your wallet, keys and mobile phone.

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