on repeat

You can’t get too much of a good thing. This nifty tray with handle from SINGLES is available in two sizes and can hold olive oil and spices in the kitchen, your whole arsenal of creams in the bathroom, or pens, phone chargers and favourite knick-knacks on your desk

“With my support
and good looks,
your everyday life
will simply look better.”


You’ve got this
- cook, bake and chill

Offline quality time in the kitchen
Park your mobile, and head to the kitchen with the timer from SINGLES. Make a cake with the kids, or rustle up a romantic dinner – full of love and attention. And then pick up the timer by its neat handle, and spend roasting and baking times with a good book on the sofa.

“I can make you forget about time.
And you’ll hear from me when your
masterpieceis ready for serving.”


pops of colour

Love your table?
Then let SINGLES collect the drips for you. The round silicone glass coasters come as a set of six in a holder, and they will keep wooden tables dry and immaculate under tumblers, beer glasses and wine glasses. Choose from a handful of glorious colours.

“When it comes to
I suggest you
just drop it!”



Brunch in style
The four egg cups in a rack from SINGLES can be taken to the table with just one hand. And the curved base will catch both salt and eggshells – and your guests’ attention.
Letting you brunch in style – perhaps in the company of good friends … and your loved one.

“Take me by the hand
– I’m such good company!”


with an edge

Soft with an edge
The kitchen roll is practical and indispensable. It must be within
easy reach and it must be easy to tear off a piece of paper. It should preferably not stand and let the paper wind off the roll on its own. That’s the reason why Zone’s kitchen roll holder has a bit of extra edge. Quite literally! While the softly rounded metal base is the epitome of elegance and discretion, it is also functional and effective. It helps keep the paper on the kitchen roll and commands a firm and convenient place on the table.

“Dont worry
– I am right here for you.
For tears of joy and
spilt milk…”

SINGLES Kitchen Roll Holder

A brand new

Colour continues to gain ground in homes and holiday homes around the world. As the contemporary consumer’s first choice of everyday utility art, the SINGLES range is now expanding to include trendy new hues. These new colours are Indigo, Lupine, Limestone, Apricot and Leek Green.



Singles collection

We have a lot of exciting new products on the shelves this summer, ready to move into people’s homes and shine in different ways. Some simply because they’re good, no-frills designs to make everyday life easier. Others because their sublime aesthetics will beautify your room and make you smile from the moment you first set eyes on them.
But, mostly, both apply.


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