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INU is about the everyday
luxury of being in the
present moment

The beauty is in the arrangement

Grouping things is one way to bring beautifying serenity to the eye. This is true of vinegar and oil bottles on the worktop, for example, but also of face oils and perfume bottles in the bathroom. The INU basket is brilliant either way. With a width of 22 centimetres and standing just 8 centimetres tall, its neat footprint fits into all sorts of places.

Award-winning hand-blown mini vase

The award-winning INU vase has sprouted a little shoot: the INU mini vase. With a diameter of just 11 cm and standing 9 cm tall, these hand-blown beauties will fit into all sorts of places around the home. Singly, in pairs or perhaps grouped as a tableau.

For pampered feet

Treat your feet all year round with the nice foot files from INU. They are part of the INU collection of beautiful wooden brushes and mirror, and are made of beautiful pale beech wood with a rough and a fine texture. Can be used individually or in succession – for example when treating yourself to a refreshing foot bath. On top of which they add a decorative touch to your bath environment.

Elevate your space

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