The ROCKS exclusive glassware range is a superb example of the playful, original approach to design pursued by the Mavro // Lefèvre design duo. Clear minimalist lines that appeal to contemporary consumers – combined with practically imperceptible details that add character and make the products a lasting pleasure to use.

Behind the name Mavro // Lefèvre is a quirky,
quick-witted duo – musician and interior
design specialist Mette Mavro, and designer
Sofie Lefèvre. Together they are behind a
number of Zone Denmark’s popular designs
– Mette Mavro with her unconventional
interior design background and music
industry experience, and Sofie Lefèvre with a
Master’s degree in Innovation Design
Engineering from the Royal College of Art in

More of the same doesn’t lead to anything new. That’s why the Mette Mavro and Sofie Lefèvre partnership is all about testing new ideas based on their own creative universes. They value highly
the creative spark that comes from their inherent differences.
“That’s one of our strengths, because there’s room for a vast array of ideas,” says Sofie Lefèvre, continuing enthusiastically: “The hairs stand up on the back of our necks when the right idea comes along and we both know we’ve nailed it.”

Outdoor elegance

Indoor charm.

The exchange of ideas surrounding a new product soars to
new heights in open and friendly dialogue with Zone
Denmark. Here it mixes with a strong sense of putting
yourself in the consumer’s shoes and questioning how they
would like to interact with the products.

Sofie Lefèvre’s latest design is a handblown crystal glassware
range for ROCKS. The glasses unite contemporary
minimalist design with stringent functional demands for
high-quality glasses for wine, spirits and cocktails. Added to
that, of course, is her personal proclivity to include details
that put a twist on predictability. That’s why the bottom of
the spirits glass has an almost invisible elevation that makes
it appear to float above the table. “We like to cultivate the
unpredictable – a detail that adds an unexpected experience
with the product to heighten the pleasure of using it and
make people smile,” Sofie concludes.


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