Sustainable packaging

Zone Denmark gift boxes are made from FSC certified cardboard. We use printed colours extracted from soya beans, a 100% natural raw material that contributes to optimal and environmentally friendly recycling of the cardboard. For all future productions we avoid the use of inner plastic bags.


More than a thousand words…

Form, function and fine design – through and through. The exclusive Zone packaging concept speaks its own clear language with superb product photos and informative illustrations.

Family portrait

The boxes on the shelf, on the counter or in the display help to sell themselves. Try turning the boxes round and putting them together in pairs to see the entire product family.

Eye-catching - and out of the box

ROCKS is a decidedly organic, eye-catching and feminine collection – in its design and colours. This raw but colourful universe is reflected in the ROCKS gift boxes that stand out from the crowd with their distinctive graphic style.

Safe and sound

Zone packaging has been crash tested and protects its valuable contents against the rough and tumble of shipping.