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A star of an LED lantern

The FIREFLY lantern with LED lights stands 30 cm tall and has a round, tiltable top. So it can cast beautiful and evocative rays wherever you want. Position a small set of them in a row on the patio and create art with light against the wall. You could also find a favourite plant or sculpture to spotlight. You can even point the beam of light downwards to create a more traditional lantern look. Note the hidden handle that can be tilted up for practical portability as well as a different design. It has plenty of potential, and the light is lovely. The lantern is made of aluminium and approved for outdoor use.

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The FIRELY range also has a great new product for candlelight lovers. These powder-coated electroplated steel lanterns have glass sides and come in two heights, 25 or 35 cm. The cylindrical head lifts off easily for replacing the candle. Simply lift the little silicone strap and put it back down when you’ve

installed the new candle. There’s something timeless about the styling, and the design inspiration echoes back through the centuries to night-time lantern patrols through the cities. Here’s a modern version that is ready to cast a cosy glow on your patio or balcony as twilight descends.

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Discover our range of stylish and functional lanterns that add a warm glow to any setting. Click into our catalog to explore the latest designs and brighten your surroundings with our new lantern series.

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