Thomas Dudzinski


Thomas Dudzinski graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture specialising in design. He has won several international awards – including for his Nova One bathroom range designed for Zone Denmark. He runs his own design studio, designing products, furniture and interiors.

Thomas Dudzinski is constantly absorbing new
impressions. One minute he’s letting his fingers
sense the materiality of the mug in his hands. The
next, his gaze lingers on a table lamp at the other
end of the room. He’s busy working.

Down with ornamentation!
Let the clean lines speak
their own clear language.

Thomas Dudzinski takes inspiration from everything he senses. He scans his surroundings subconsciously, capturing a steady stream of ideas – and some of them take shape in collaboration with Zone Denmark.

“I draw inspiration from the cityscape, in cafés, when travelling, on the Internet – wherever creative people make their mark. Scents, sounds and light are also effective catalysts. I’m often busy sketching to keep my brain active and to let the ideas unfold in the back of my mind. It’s amazing how much the subconscious mind helps you. The hard part of the process is seizing on the right idea and nurturing its strength and volume. It’s about getting to the heart of the matter and expressing it clearly and understandably,” says Thomas Dudzinski, captivated.