Truly uncompromising quality

The DIISH dishwashing set is uncompromising quality and well-thought-out design. Proportions that are just right, materials that will last, and details that are carefully thought out. At the forefront of the stage is what you use most – the dispenser duo for dishwashing liquid and hand soap/sanitizer.

Both are made of ceramic. Backstage, the knitted dishcloth is hung up to dry, out of sight until you next need it. Its companion is the colour-matched brush. A final nifty detail is the small tray that collects excess water so it doesn’t end up on your worktop.

yet space-saving

The DIISH draining tray is a stylish friend beside your kitchen sink. It is made of silicone, so it is stable and non-slip on your worktop. Soapy bubbles inspired the delicate bubble pattern. This is highly practical and allows glasses to air and dry faster.

DIISH draining set

The two powder-coated steel plate racks do a similar job, accommodating up to 16 plates. When not in use, one fits inside the other so both can be stowed in the cutlery holder. This way, the set takes up the least possible space and can be easily packed away, making DIISH the obvious choice for apartments, holiday homes, student housing and other places where space is at a premium.