Perfect setting for
SOCIAL dining

The new EAU tableware range looks set to become a modern classic. The look is appealingly simple. Everything superfluous has been pared back to focus on the essence of good company – shared presence of host and guest.

Sublime stability sums up the range. You can stack cups, bowls and plates safely, which of course helps with table setting and clearing, but also makes the best use of cabinet space. In addition, the plates can function as lids for the bowls. Another advantage is that you can create unpretentious, charming Mediterranean-style buffet setups, with the plates stacked for polite and pleasant self-service. It’s equally suitable for inviting people round for tapas, a cake buffet in the garden or a spontaneous street party. The EAU range consists of plates and bowls of various sizes as well as cups, and a carafe. The porcelain in the range is in that delightful classic shade, Offwhite.

Come together.

Elevate your space

Step into a world of elevated dining experiences with our new tableware series. Discover the possibilities of the designs – click into our catalog to see more.

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