Just the way you want me! 

No matter how you look at it, the new A-COLLECTION wall mirror is an ingenious piece of design for your home. The suspension on the back of the mirror is designed so that it can hang both vertically and horizontally.

It is available in Black and Soft Grey and, with its simple expression and the 60 x 30 centimetres dimensions, the wall mirror fits in almost everywhere. Use it in the entrance hall or wherever you check your looks. Or let it be a minimalistic decoration – for example as part of a gallery wall in combination with your favourite photos.

Take me higher

Zone Denmark is venturing into a new category and is presenting the A-Stool – a chic stool to help you reach the biscuit tin or the Christmas decorations on the top shelf.

The A-Stool is also great to have at hand, when the youngest members of the family do their own toothbrushing or want to help with the dinner preparations.

Naturally, the stool has non-slip silicone feet. The A-Stool is part of our A-Collection of home interior in powder-coated steel, and is tested to support a weight of up to 110 kg.

Meet the designers behind A-Collection!

Tilde Nygaard, Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen are the trio behind VE2 and the people behind the A-Collection series. Their solutions interact with other products and their ambition is to create simple, aesthetic and durable designs such as Ume – with a clear functional justification

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